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Visiting the hot springs is a great idea no matter what the season.


What better way to relax and unwind than immersing yourself in Moree's naturally occurring, heated thermal pools? Drawn from the Great Artesian Basin and jam-packed with mineral-rich elements, the hot springs maintain a consistent temperature all year round, which makes it the perfect getaway for anyone who wants to let go of tension and encourage their mind and body drift away into peace and tranquillity.


Australia’s natural hot springs have been enjoyed by humans since the old times. Indigenous tribes would walkabout from waterhole to waterhole, making the most of each one's health benefits, native flora and fauna and source of fresh water. Many Australian hot springs have a central place in Indigenous Dreamtime stories and are, therefore, seen as sacred, life-giving spaces.


These ancient, subterranean waters begin as rainwater that permeates deep into the earth where they’re naturally warmed by the planet’s searing core – which scientists suggest seethes at around 5500 degrees Celsius. Estimates say the waters feeding many of Australia’s hot springs can be millions of years old.


The water rises again via vents or fault lines, absorbing minerals as they emerge. Human culture has an ancient tradition of using thermal pools in a quest for greater health – many springs contain calcium and magnesium thought to soothe the nervous system, reduce pain, ease skin problems and alleviate arthritis. In fact, the mental and physical benefits of natural hot springs have given birth to a new travel trend – Spa Trekking.


There are over fifty natural thermal pools, springs and bore baths across Australia, many surrounded by stunning outback landscapes. It’s a cinch to include multiple rejuvenating and recuperating stopovers while you tour the country. New South Wales’ Moree Hot Springs and artesian baths are the down under version of luxurious natural spas in France and Switzerland. The fresh, pure water is drawn from the Great Artesian Basin 720 metres below ground (or 2400 feet) and maintains a constant, deliciously soothing temperature throughout the year.  


Just imagine pulling into town tired from a day of travel and sliding into a warm, natural pool in beautiful surroundings that draw out all your aches and pains while revitalising your mind. In autumn and winter, as the mercury drops, the contrast between warm water and cooler air creates a refreshing way to banish the cold weather blues. In spring and summer, it feels natural enough to don your cossie, grab a fluffy towel and soak away to your heart’s content – either with family and friends or solo.


Plus, there’s lots more to see and do at Moree. Stay at the Gwydir Thermal Pools Resort for easy access to the hot pools replenished continually from the Great Artesian thermal water and leave your cares behind. Go on a history tour, visit galleries and museums, grab a bite to eat at one of Moree's many cafés and restaurants or peruse a cellar door or nut farm's wares. There's also the Big Plane to marvel at, great golfing facilities, bushwalking tracks and parks for picnics. At the end of the day, return to the resort and slip back into a hot pool to recharge you for your next adventure.